86.5% of analyst ratings are "BUY".
They are wrong 50.2% of the time.
TipRanks is a browser application that allows you to instantly see the track record and measured performance of any analyst you come across, so you know who to trust!
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Our Key Features

See the measured performance of any analyst on the web
Search for any stock to see what Top Performing Analysts say
Get Live Feed of best performing analysts' opinions
TipRanks is a two times Finovate Winner
Finovate Best Of Show Awards
Finovate Spring 2013
Finovate Fall 2013
TipRanks is a two times Finovate Winner
Shira Abel
“TipRanks identifies players with good batting averages."
Mike Hogan, Digital Director
"To help close the knowledge gap among investors, web application TipRanks launched the Financial Accountability Engine that provides information about the accuracy and track record of those providing advice on buying or selling stocks."
Donna Fuscaldo, Journalist
"TipRanks is the only product geared to individual investors."
Tova Cohen, Senior financial correspondent
“Analysts just got a new scorecard for their stock-picking performance."
Cadie Thompson, Technology Reporter

Why you'll love TipRanks

Free Version
The light version of TipRanks is free for everyone to use.
There When You Need It
TipRanks automatically starts working anytime users browse analyst reports on any of the
popular financial news websites.
Always Unbiased
TipRanks provides objective quantitative analytics and is not affiliated with any investment firm or analyst.
User Friendly
TipRanks is extremely friendly and simple to use with a click of a mouse.
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